Liebe Seele

Wine Red - Leather Coated Spreader Bar


Enhance your restraint pleasure with this spreader bar. Made with Eucalyptus inner core, the bar is strong and durable while elegant with the wine-red genuine leather added.

This spreader bar is compatible with our other cuffs in this Wine Red series – or any other cuffs that offer a connecting spot.

Please note: This spreader bar does not include cuffs.


About Wine Red Series

Closely associated with mature and rich affection, the wine red color symbolizes "nobility" and "love".Made of genuine leather, the Wine Red Series feature delicacy and elegance.

Key Features

 A series with a perfect balance of solidity, luxury and texture

 Wine red color leather, novel and chic design

 High-quality yet light, although made of thick cow leather

 Quick-release O-rings, strong but easy to remove


Item No.: SB-80075BG

Material: Cow Leather, Metal, Eucalyptus Wood

Leather Color: Wine Red

Metal Color: Rose Gold

Weight: 200g

Length: 50cm / 19.7''

Diameter: 2cm / 0.8''

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