Your own original

Every product of Liebe Seele is handcrafted, so customization is absolutely available and welcomed! 

                 Make your thoughts in shape

Firstly, choose your favorite design and products. Like a designer, make your favorite combination by sorting out leather, stitching, lining, fasteners, accessories, metal accessories, etc. We will make you unique original products in the world.

Customization flow

From inquiry to delivery, 6 steps listed as below. The delivery time will be about 3 to 4 weeks after the design is confirmed.


STEP 1 Order request from the customer

  • You can contact us via e-mail ( or Twitter

STEP 2 Detailed meeting

  • Please tell us as much detail as possible about your customized product, including its material, size, color etc.

STEP 3  Customized quotation

  • Once its design details and specifications are confirmed, we will quote you. 

STEP 4  Quotation confirmed 

  • Please confirm our quotation and do the full payment before we proceed with your order.

STEP 5  Images for your confirm before delivery

  • Before delivery, we will send images of your customized order for your confirm by email or Twitter.

STEP 6   Shipping / Delivery

  • Before delivery, we will confirm the delivery information with you. Your customized order will be delivered by DHL smoothly.