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About Us

From Japan, Liebe Seele has been trying to offer top quality whilst fashionable bondage gears and accessories for years.

Years ago, when it's Ms Keiko Imoto's 5th time to attend an adult show at Berlin, she was so bored with the bondage products which used similar leathers in similar designs for so many years.

Why they're so lack of design and creative ideas? Asked by herself.

When she came back to Japan after the show, she decided to do something different. With over 10 years' experience in adult toys industry and meanwhile as a gifted designer and passionate fashionista, she took her pencil and drew a new series of designs with inspirations from the flower, which later become one of our bestseller collections named "Flower".

Liebe and Seele are two German words which mean "the love of soul" when they are combined. A German friend of Imoto recommended the name to her after the friend was so excited to see the new designs by her. The friend reckoned the products must have borrowed inspirations from the "love" of "soul“.

Liebe Seele sources                                the best leathers from all over the world to make fashionable and top quality products.


Like no others, Liebe Seele is so strict with the quality of products. We believe that an unforgettable night's bondage play should be both fun and safe, and the quality of the products is essential for pleasure and safety.

Liebe Seele sources                                                  the best leathers from all over the world, like Italy, France, Argentina and Brazil, etc. All leathers are also subject to the high standard environmental test. For the hardware like chains and D-rings, we also only accept nickel-free human safe materials.

The seasoned craftsman worked for Liebe Seele focus on every detail of cutting and sewing and treat each item as an artwork.

Each Liebe Seele bondage product is handcrafted by our seasoned craftsman who usually worked for more than 10 years. They treat every item as an artwork and devoted to every detail of cutting and sewing.