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Vivid Sakura 8pcs Set - Pink Glossy Soft Bondage Set


A vivid color that wakes you up, with a glossy texture selected to embrace you tenderly. This laser pink 8 pieces Vivid Set, featuring almost all of the basics of your BDSM fantasies, can meet all your needs as a newbie or add fresh color in your gearbox as an experienced player.

This set includes: a blindfold, ball gag, collar and lead, one pair of handcuffs, one pair of ankle cuffs, mini flogger, hogtie, and one pair of nipple clamps.

Mixing up the soft and shimmering materials and gold metal connecting parts to enhance the lovely atmosphere.

Key Features

 A full set with reasonable price

 Shimmering laser pink color

 Easy-caring PU leather with super soft velvet lining

 Unique design that combines fashion and practicality


Item No.: ST-80076MC

Material: Faux Leather, Velvet(lining)

Collar Color: Laser Pink

Metal Color: Gold

Total Weight: 445g

Adjustable Range of Restraints: Flexible to Adjust with Velcro


Length: 21cm / 8.3''

Width: 7.5cm / 3''

Ball Gag

Length: 52cm / 20.5''

Width: 4 cm / 1.6''

Ball diameter: 3.3cm / 1.3''

Collar and Lead

Collar Circumference: 44cm / 17.3''

Width: 4.2 cm / 1.7''

Chain length: 73cm / 28.7'' 


Cuffs Circumference: 24.5cm / 9.7''

Width: 6cm / 2.4''

Chain length: 16cm / 6.3''


Cuffs Circumference: 29.5cm / 11.6''

Width: 6 cm / 2.4''

Chain length: 18cm / 7.1''


Overall length: 50 cm / 19.7''

Handle part: 15.6cm / 6.1'' 


Length: 15cm x 15cm / 5.9 × 5.9‘’

Nipple Clamps

Length: 48cm / 18.9'' (including clamps)

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