Samurai: Thick Leather Handcuffs with Copper-plated Metal


Samurai-inspired bondage accessories, embodying the spirit of warriors. Crafted with thick cowhide leather, they exude strength and resilience. The intricate designs of copper-plated hardware pay homage to the noble artistry of samurais. Immerse yourself in the art of restraint with our Samurai Collection, where each item, from the leather cuffs to the meticulously crafted hardware, ensures a secure and unforgettable experience. Unleash your desires and channel your inner warrior as you explore the realms of pleasure with our premium bondage accessories.

Key Features

  • Classic black thick leather bondage wrist cuffs for luxurious restraint play
  • Compatible with a wide range of other bondage accessories
  • Quick-release clips are ultra-safe and easy to remove
  • Part of our unique bondage accessories collection

Product specifications

  • Item No.: HC-81196BK
  • Material: Cow Leather, Metal
  • Item Color: Black
  • Hardware Color: Copper-plated
  • Adjustable Range: 18.5-24.5cm

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