Liebe Seele

Rose Gold Memory - Leather Hogtie


The luxurious looking rose gold leather is perfectly matched with rose gold metal. And this exquisite hogtie will be as sturdy as you can imagine. It's a must-have if you have already had the Rose Gold Memory leather restraints. On the backside of this hogtie, we use black soft velvet fabric, which makes the whole item feel very comfortable. The quick-release clip will be easily used on before and after your play.

Now Liebe Seele is offering free gifts of a mini flogger, black satin storage bag and a small leather butterfly keyring. These free gifts are very popular among LiebeSeelers.


  • Sku No.: CB-Z1008
  • Width of strap: 0.9''
  • Length of a single strap including clip: 5.7''
  • The diameter of the central ring: 1.6''
  • Total Weight: 140g

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