Rose Gold Memory: Leather Flogger Whip


Treat your sub to a range of toe-curling sensations with this luxurious rose gold flogger. This bondage flogger is a must-have for those looking to expand their impact play and features an eye-catching design crafted from high-quality materials.

Expertly crafted from luxury leather and dyed to emulate the opulent glamour of rose gold, the bondage flogger is stylish and highly functional. Its easy-to-grip handle with a black and gold colorway exudes a gothic style that looks fabulous in a BDSM collection. 

Blessed with rows and rows of leather fronds, the flogger delivers a plethora of sensations. Try running it gently up and down your lover's body for tantalizing tickles, or bring it down hard for breathtaking smacks.

Part of an extravagant collection of rose gold leather bondage accessories, pair the flogger with the matching rose gold ballgag and blindfold for the full bondage experience. 

Key Features

  • Rose gold leather flogger for indulgent impact play
  • A perfect accessory for bondage beginners
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Part of an elegant collection of rose gold leather accessories

About the Rose Gold Memory collection

Broaden your erotic horizons with the Rose Gold Memory bondage kit collection. Bursting with experimental ways to please and tease your sub, from spanking paddles to hogties to bondage collars, the Rose Gold Memory collection offers a wide range of sensations to explore, from impact play to sensory deprivation.

Product specifications

  • Sku No.: WP-Z1044
  • Total Length: 17.3''
  • Whip Length: 11.2''
  • Total Weight: 75g

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