Pink Dream: Pink Leather Riding Crop with Heart Shape Tip


Deliver biting spanks that will delight your sub with this gloriously pink spanking crop. Perfect for all BDSM lovers, no matter your experience level, this premium leather crop delivers firm blows with an audible slap.

The luxury spanking crop is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your playbox and is made with high-quality leather dyed to the perfect bubblegum pink. Boasting a heart-shaped leather tip, the crop leaves delightful heart-shaped marks all over your sub's skin.

A braided leather handle and a sturdy wrist loop give the bondage riding crop an enhanced grip for confident swings. Weighing just 57g, the ultra-feminine spanking crop is also easy to maneuver for effortless impact play.

Part of a beautifully elegant bondage accessory collection, the Pink Dream riding crop is best paired with the matching full-body restraints, blindfold, and ball gag.

Key Features

  • Baby pink leather spanking crop for exciting impact play
  • Wrist loop for enhanced grip and confident swings
  • Lightweight for effortless use
  • Part of the gloriously feminine Pink Dream collection

About the Pink Dream collection

Embrace your inner femme with our eye-catching Pink Dream bondage kit collection. Made from glorious baby pink leather with gorgeous rose gold finishes, Pink Dream reinvents the classic BDSM look. The collection is bursting with pieces to push your sub into total submission and is a must-have for Doms who love pleasure, pain, and pastels.

Product specifications

Item no: SK-SS1001
Material: Cow Leather
Color: Pink
Length: 51cm
Heart: 7.5cm × 7cm
Weight: 57g

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