Mossy Chic Leather Riding Crop With Heart Shape Tip


This elegant bondage accessory is the perfect riding crop for spanking. Featuring a luxurious leather handle and a heart-shaped tip, our bondage spanking crop is an absolute must-have for bondage beginners and experienced players.

Expertly designed to deliver satisfying sting and breath-taking thwacks, this premium leather riding crop will keep your sub firmly in line. The handle is wrapped in braided leather and features a sturdy wrist loop for confident swings with plenty of bites.

The heart-shaped tip is flat and firm, leaving delightful pink hearts all over your sub's misbehaving body.

Pair this gorgeous green leather crop with other bondage accessories, such as our Mossy Chic wrist restraints or our bondage blindfold, for even more erotic intensity.

Key Features

  •   Luxurious leather BDSM crop for intense spanking sessions
  •   Sturdy leather wrist loop for confident swings
  •   High-quality leather for years of erotic play
  •   Part of our attractive real leather Mossy Chic collection

Product specifications

Item no: RC-81067GR
Total Length: 51 cm
The handle of the riding crop: 15cm
Material: Leather, Plastic

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