Mossy Chic Leather Cat O' Nine Tails Whip


Give your impact play some extrabite with this intense leather flogger. Boasting a plethora of leather-tipped fronds for incredible sting and a braided leather handle for a firm grip, this premium cat of nine-tails flogger is a must-have for next-level punishment.

Made from the highest quality leather and dyed to perfection, this is no ordinary bondage flogger. Expertly designed to deliver sensational smacks, this elegant bondage accessory is not for the faint of heart.

Run the leather fronds up and down your sub's patiently awaiting body to awaken their skin's sensitive nerve-endings, then slip your wrist through the sturdy leather wrist loop to deliver confident swings.

Take your punishment to the next level by pairing your flogger with our coordinating wrist restraints, ankle straps, and bondage blindfold.

Key Features

  •   Luxurious leather flogger for intense spanking sessions
  •   Sturdy leather wrist loop for confident swings
  •   High-quality leather for years of erotic play
  •   Part of our opulent real leather Mossy Chic collection

Product specifications

Material: Cow Leather
Metal: Rose Gold

Total Length: 77cm


Black and Green

Item No.: WP-80987GR


Item No.: WP-80988GR

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