Mossy Chic Heavy Leather Flogger with Studded Handle


Add an extra level of spice to your BDSM play with this premium leather flogger. Made from high-end green leather and adorned with golden details on the handle, this is no ordinary flogger. Expertly designed for durability and undeniable glamor, this extravagant bondage accessory delivers fierce smacks and tantalizing tingles.

Featuring a plethora of supple leather fronds, the flogger can be used to titillate the skin when stroked up and down the body, or to deliver painful punishment. Its sturdy leather wrist loop makes it perfect for confident hits and strong strikes.

As part of our highly coveted Mossy Chic collection, the flogger pairs beautifully with our wrist and ankle restraints, our bondage blindfold, and the matching ballgag.

 Key Features

  •   Luxurious leather floggers for extravagant impact play
  •   Leather wrist loop and studded handle for confident swings
  •   High-quality leather for years of erotic play
  •   Part of our opulent real leather Mossy Chic collection

Product specifications

Item No.: WP-81066GR

Material: Cow Leather, Metal

Metal Color: Gold

Length: 81cm

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