Liebe Seele

Dark Secret - Luxury Leather Waist Cuff


Special offer! Try this limited version of the Dark Secret waist cuff with other gear in the Dark Secret collection. 

Colorway matching, 3 D-rings attached, more space for your creative mind to explore various ways of BDSM adventures!

Product Description:

Material: Real Leather
Color: Black

Metal: Gold

Width of the waist belt:11cm
Width of the strap: 2.5cm

Size S 

Item No.: WC-80317BK
Circumference: 75.5cm
Suitable for: 65cm-72cm


Item No.: WC-80318BK
Circumference: 85cm
Suitable for: 72cm-79cm

Size L

Item No.: WC-80319BK
Circumference: 90cm
Suitable for: 79cm-90cm


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