Liebe Seele

Dark Secret Deluxe Cow Leather Heavy Flogger with Studded Handle


Add this Studded-handle flogger to your BDSM play box. Handmade by our experienced craftsmen using genuine cow leather, this heavy flogger is ideal for BDSM players with some experience.

About Dark Secret

Closely associated with mature and rich affection, The design elements of dignity, elegance and extravagance have achieved high-level, sexy and mysterious characteristics.

Its black leather and gold metal are a fantastic colour combination, which creates a stylish and classic look. 

Live out your secret fantasies with "Dark Secret. "

Bullet Points:

  • Studded-handle flogger is a powerful and tough device for SM play.
  • The Studded handle creates a stylish and classic look. 
  • It can deliver both harmless and playful sting depending on how much force you put behind it.
  • Studded handle for a easy grasp and swing.


    • SKU: FG-80518BK
    • Leather Color: black
    • Metal Color: gold
    • Material: cow leather


    • Total Length: 81cm
    • Handle Length: 16cm
    • Weight: 194g

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