Dark Candy: Pink Vegan Leather Riding Crop with Heart Shape Tip


Expertly crafted to administer sharp, audible cracks, this spanking crop adds an intensely erotic element to bondage play. The BDSM riding crop ensures your sub remains obedient and accessorizes your fantasies with every thwack. 

The spanking crop is made from durable and flexible materials, making it lightweight, effortless to maneuver, and suitable for a wide range of experience levels. 

The heart-shaped tip of this bondage accessory is crafted from high-quality vegan leather to deliver a smooth yet satisfying spank, and is the ideal choice for vegan BDSM lovers.

Pair it with the coordinating Black & Pink Dark Candy collection full body restraints, ballgag, and bondage blindfold for a full-body domination experience to remember. 

Key Features

  • Vegan leather riding crop for enhanced impact play
  • Made from organosilicon PU for durability
  • Wrist-loop for confident swings
  • Lightweight materials for effortless use
  • Part of our stylish Black & Pink Dark Candy collection

About the Dark Candy collection

Presented in soft baby pink and black faux leather, the Black & Pink Dark Candy bondage collection perfectly straddles the masculine and the feminine. 100% vegan, this opulent collection of bondage accessories is a wonderful investment for bondage beginners and experienced players alike.

Product specifications
  • Length: 55cm

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