Black Bond: Leather Riding Crop with Wide Tip


Ingeniously crafted in recycled leather and fabric without sacrificing quality, this spanking riding crop is a more sustainable way to enjoy bondage. Featuring a bonded leather tip designed to deliver audible slaps and delightful stings, this spanking crop is perfect for keeping disobedient subs in line.

Crafted with lightweight and flexible materials, our leather spanking crop is easy to use, allowing for confident swings with a breath-taking bite. 

This sustainable bondage accessory also features a sturdy wrist loop and a textured leather handle, enhancing grip and power.

Pair with other accessories from our sustainable Black Bond collection for even more intensity. We recommend the Black Bond soft-lined bondage blindfold and the Black Bond breathable leather ball gag for full-body domination.

Key Features

  • Recycled leather spanking crop for incredible impact play
  • A sturdy wrist loop allows for confident swings
  • Lightweight and flexible for effortless use
  • Part of our Black Bond collection – a more sustainable way to enjoy bondage

About the Black Bond collection

Inspired by the erotic simplicity of classic fetish wear, the Black Bond collection lets the BDSM play do the talking. Made from 50% recycled materials, the leather bondage collection invites you to explore high-quality, eco-friendly erotic play. Finished with striking metallic hardware, this bondage kit collection is an investment for all levels of bondage players.

Product specifications

  • Item No.:  BD-08
  • Total Length: 51.5cm

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