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Our story began in 2005. Back then we were only a wholesaler and manufacturer of sexual products in particular for BDSM items. Today, we are privileged to reach out millions of customers directly through E-commerce every day with diverse products and an extra status as both a retailer and a brands owner. Kinky Stock was set up as a comprehensive marketplace, it is an assorted online Store where you can experience, purchase massive sexual products ranging from sex toys to the kinky stuff that enable you to maximize your pleasure on the path of chasing for sexual health, comfort as well as authentic expression.

As a leading company in the industry, we managed to sell our products worldwide by cooperating with many "big names" out there under many quality standards of different countries. Also, you still can find our products in marketplaces such as Amazon, Wish etc. At Kinky Stock, competitive prices and fast shipping aren't the only factors that only count, we've always believed in serving the best products to our customers as our first priority. Thus, we would like you to be a part of our Free Trial Program to help us screen out the most valued products for the individual.

Every month new-released products are offered to users to take part in the Free Trial Program, their feedback will be benchmark reference for gauging the market response and related products improvement. With this help, it gives us more possibility to make the better products and provide as such customer experience.

Who is eligible to be the Testers:

1. Anyone who placed an order on Amazon or wrote a review before

2. Who would love to spice things up in the bedroom and stick to his/her curiosity

3. Anyone who is interested in product testing and share honest feedback