Rose Gold Memory: Leather Hogtie


Attach this lavish leather hogtie to the matching Rose Gold Memory wrist and ankle restraints to discover a new level of restraint play. Made from strong and durable leather and lined with black velvet, this bondage hogtie is designed to provide years of indulgent bondage fun.

Expertly crafted from high-end luxury leather and dyed to emulate the opulent glamour of rose gold, this bondage hogtie is stylish and functional.

Boasting four rose gold quick-release clips, the hogtie is effortless to attach and incredibly safe for a wide range of bondage experience levels. Attach each clip to the D-rings located on your cuffs and watch in delight as your lover is left fully immobilized.

Part of an extravagant collection of rose gold leather bondage accessories, use the hogtie with the matching wrist and ankle restraints for the full restraint experience. 

Key Features

  • Rose gold leather hogtie for next-level restraint play
  • Quick-release clips for optimal safety
  • Compatible with a range of restraints
  • Part of an elegant collection of rose gold leather accessories

About the Rose Gold Memory collection

Broaden your erotic horizons with the Rose Gold Memory bondage kit collection. Bursting with experimental ways to please and tease your sub, from spanking paddles to hogties to bondage collars, the Rose Gold Memory collection offers a wide range of sensations to explore, from impact play to sensory deprivation.

Product specifications

  • Sku No.: CB-Z1008
  • Width of strap: 0.9''
  • Length of a single strap including clip: 5.7''
  • The diameter of the central ring: 1.6''
  • Total Weight: 140g

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