Japanese Professional Dominatrix Customized Bull Whip 150cm Long

This Japanese Professional Dominatrix Customized Whip is particularly beautiful and hand-made from the best leather. However, what is so special about it is the countless fine details– that turn chastisements and punishments into a delight!
1. The 1.5-meter-long Whip weighs 190g, equivalent to the weight of a mobile phone.
2. Due to the round-edge metal handle, the Whip sits wonderfully in the hand. This means it can be precisely controlled and is suitable for longer sessions!
3. 100% hand-made, it gracefully passes into a flexible fall with a tassel, very tight and flexible.
4. The Whip is well-balanced and convenient to use. It can hit the target accurately. From teasing to punishment, mild to severe, a variety of functions can be achieved.


    • Material: Cow leather


    • Total Length: 150cm
    • Weight: 190g

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