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Wild Gent - Brown Leather Handcuffs

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Enjoy captivating restrained play with this newbie-friendly handcuffs! Please yourself or your partner with this extremely soft goatskin. 

Fully adjustable with durable metal buckles accompanying with a 27cm chain. Let your imaginations fly and fit them into any kind of bondage scenarios.


About Wild Gent Series

The combination of durable dark brown goat skin and super soft velvet creates a contradictory beauty between the samurai's wildness and gentleman's tenderness.

Key Features

Genuine goat skin that is often used in high-end brands

Both softness and toughness to the touch

Completely seal the freedom of your partner's hands

Widely adjustable, easy to use

Timeless concise design with high quality


Item No.: HC-80039BR

Material: Goat Skin, Super Soft Velvet(inside), Metal

Cuffs Color: Dark Brown

Weight: 235g

Cuffs Circumference: 27cm / 10.6''

Cuffs Width: 6.3cm / 2.5''

Adjustable Range: 21-28cm / 8.3-11'' (suitable for 14-21cm / 5.5-8.3'' wrists) 

Adjustment Holes: 7

Chain Length: 23cm / 9.1''

Chain Color: Silver