love me tender Bondage set ( 5 piece)

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I am very happy to introduce to you this new collection of pretty rose red PU leather equipment especially for people who are just exploring bondage play.

The thigh to wrist cuffs are fastened with velcro straps so they are very easy to attach and very adjustable and are lined with a velvet touch polyester that feels great on the skin. The hand and ankle cuffs share the same pretty color and soft lining. To each cuff a sturdy D ring is attached so that you can attach any variety of straps or chains. A beautiful 43 cm spreader bar is included with the ankle cuffs. Each end is adorned with the same glistening rose gold hardware that is seen throughout the kit.

A mask and gag help in enhancing the power exchange and heighten sense play. The mask fits most faces and is very adjustable and the gag uses a food grade odorless tasteless silicone ball that was designed not to cause any unintentional discomfort.

Finally there is the PU leather flogger. The handle matches everything in the set and light faux leather tails are great for tickling or slapping.

Product Description:
material:Pink Rose PU Leather, Rose Gold metalware, silicone ball, Black webbing, Velcro fasten 
Color: Rose Pink, Black

Item no: BF-P1008 B
Total length:27" / 68.5cm
strap width:0.78" / 2.0cm
blindfold length:8.27" / 21cm
blindfold width:3.35"/ 8.5cm
Belt holes: 8

Item no:GA-P1013 B
Total length:24" / 61cm
strap width:0.98" / 2.5cm
ball diameter:1.7" / 4.3cm
Belt holes: 9

Thigh cuffs with wrist cuffs:
Item no:SH-P1012 B
thigh cuff length:23.2" / 59cm
thigh width:1.96" / 5cm
thigh cuff circumference : 3.93"- 9" / 10-23cm
wrist cuff length:9.84" / 25cm
wrist cuff width:1.96" / 5cm
thigh cuff circumference : 17.7"-22" / 45-56cm

Ankle cuffs with spreader bar:
Item no:SPB-P1008
ankle cuff length:11.4" / 29cm
ankle cuff width:2.75" / 7.0cm
ankle cuff circumference : 6.3"- 10.6"/ 16-27cm
bar length:43cm (metal parts not included)
bar diameter:0.78" / 2cm

Item no:WP-P1017 B
Total length: 15.3" / 39cm(Strap not included)
handle length:6.1" / 15.5cm
tail length:9.25" / 23.5cm
Strap length:9.27" / 6.5cm

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