NINA Under bed Restraint Set

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Turn any bed into a dungeon! Simply put these straps under your bed and wrap them around to connect them with any cuffs or accessories you may already own. There are 4 straps for hands and ankles. Each strap has a swivel quick release clip at the end that can be easily attached to most equipment.

A high quality piece this blindfold will feel great because of its ultra soft sheepskin liner and because of its closed proximity to the face the user will be bathed in the smell of fine leather. Internal padding has been added to this product to minimize any discomfort. No visibility will be granted from side to side when worn because of its wide design. The straps can be fastened with our heavy duty but elegant gold metal hardware.

A classic design, these black on black cuffs with bright gold metalware look brilliant and timeless. They are constructed from genuine soft touch aromatic cow leather and are both very durable and comfortable to wear. Each cuff has a single D ring to which the provided chain with quick release clips can be easily connected or detached. A high quality piece this would be an upgrade for most.

Quick release and stylish clamps make for quick and convenient play.
Handsome metal hardware keeps everything held together nicely and looks great too.

Product Description:
Material: Cow Leather, Gold colored Metalwares
Color: Black

Circumference: 17.9-22 inches (45.5-56cm)

Hand Cuffs:
Circumference : 6.7"- 10.6 " / 15-27 cm

Ankle Cuffs:
Item no: AC-1001BLK
Circumference : 6.7"-12.6" / 17-32cm

Under bed straps and hogtie:
Item no: RK-10A
Strap length: 72.8" / 185cm

2 Metal Clips:
Length: 3.93" / 10cm