The Jail House Chastity Cage (Silver and Black)

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Around and around the cock rings go, when it will be unlocked no one knows! This cage formed from 8 metal rings inherently provide a lot of breathability and its open end allows the user to be relieved in a number of ways. Easy to fasten and easy to remove if the dom permits it. This is a quality cage that will be easy to wear for long periods of time barring the sexual dissatisfaction the user is bound to receive.

Product Description:
Material: Zinc alloy
Color:Black, Silver
Total Length: 4.1” / 10.5cm
Ring Diameter:1.78” / 4.5cm
Cock Cage Diameter:1.38” / 3.5cm
Cock Cage Length:4.3” / 11cm
Circumference Of Ring: 5.4” / 13.7cm
Circumference Of Cock Cage: 4.45” / 11.3cm