Vertically Slotted Wire Frame Egg Chastity Cage

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Recommended for larger users and or users who would appreciate their metal prison to have a bit more space. This heavy duty cock cage is going to put in work to keep your sub chaste. The design inherently gives great viewing and breathability as well as allowing cleaning and relief of both varieties. This cock cage in particular is easier to clean that others while locked up. There is no escape so best be nice if you are to get out on good behavior.

Product Description:
Material: Zinc alloy
Total Length: 5.5” / 14cm
Ring Diameter:1.78” / 4.5cm
Cock Cage Diameter:1.38” / 3.5cm
Cock Cage Length:3.9” / 10cm
Circumference Of Ring: 5.4” / 14cm
Circumference Of Cock Cage: 4.45” / 11cm