6 piece white Cow Leather and gold metal set

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The perfect set for even an experienced BDSM lover. Everything in this set is made with genuine cow leather which includes:

Handcuffs: These cuffs look brilliant and feel great on the skin and exude quality. Attached are D rings for restraint play with our provided straps or your own straps and chains

Ankle cuffs: Similar to the handcuffs but a little longer. They are sure to feel great even after extended use.

Blindfold: This high quality blindfold has extra padding on the inside of the leather to ensure comfort and to heighten sense play.

Silicone Ball Gag: 8 holes of adjustability and features an odorless and tasteless food grade silicone gag.

Collar and leash: The weighty heavy duty buckle is brass and looks very classy. Also included is a 48” leather leash that is just as soft as the collar and has a clip attached to the end that can easily be attached or detached to the collar’s 3 D-rings.

Nipple clamps: The clamping pressure on the rubber tipped clamps are fully adjustable. The weighty chain will give a pleasurable tugging sensation on your nipples via the clamps that can provide everything from a sadistic pinching sensation to a light squeeze. The chains have a quick release clip on them so that they can be attached to any collar that you already have.

Total length: 26.3" / 67cm include buckle
Circumference: 17.9-22 inches (45.5-56cm)
Width: 3.1" / 7.8cm

Silicone ball gag:
Total Length: 24.8" / 63cm leather strap fastened with buckle (15.3"-21.2"/ 39-54cm)
Leather Width: 1" / 2.5cm
Ball Size: 1.69" / 4.3cm

Hand Cuffs:
Total Cuff Length ( including buckle): 14.5" / 37cm
Cuff width: 2.56" / 6.5cm
circumference: 3.9" - 7" / 10cm-26cm
Strap Length:7.48" / 19cm

Ankle cuffs:
Total Cuff Length:15.7" / 40cm
Circumference:4.7-9.44 " / 12 -24cm
Cuff width: 2.56"/6.5cm
Strap Length:7.48" / 19cm

Collar and leash:
Total Collar Length: 21.2"/ 54cm
Collar width: 1.57"/4cm
Circumference:13"- 16"/ 33cm-41cm
Leather leash length: 48.8"/ 124cm

Nipple clamps:
Item no: NC-1007B
material:Gold chains with beads, rubber tipped pins
chain length (From Clip to O-ring, Clamp not included):13" / 33cm