6 piece red Cow Leather set

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The perfect set for even an experienced BDSM lover. Everything in this set is made with genuine cow leather which includes:

Blindfold: will feel great because of its soft touch leather construction and because of its close proximity to the face the user will be bathed in the smell of fine leather. No visibility will be granted from side to side when worn because of its wide design.

Silicone Ball Gag: Adjustable, an odorless and tasteless food grade silicone gag.

Collar and leash: While low on bells and whistles this collar shines in the quality and functionality category. Sophistication is shown in the clean design and high quality materials used in its construction.

Handcuffs: These cuffs look brilliant and feel great on the skin and exude quality. Attached are D rings for restraint play with our provided straps or your own straps and chains.

Flogger: This genuine leather flogger is both soft to the touch and produces quality leather aroma. The somewhat short tails are soft enough to tickle but smooth enough to sting on a hard swing. The handle is wrapped in the same beautiful leather that the rest of the whip is made out of and features quality studs that help hold this fine whip together.

Product Details:
Material: Cow Leather,Rose Gold colored metalwares, Silicone ball

Item no:RW-01
Total Length: 27" / 68.6cm fastened with buckle
Circumference:18.9 - 22.8" / 48 - 58cm

Silicone Gag:
Item no:RW-02
Length: 28.3"/ 72cm leather Belt fastened with buckle
Silicone ball diameter: 1.69" / 4.3cm
Leather Width: 1"/ 2.5cm

Hand Cuffs:
Item no:RW-04
Circumference: 5.5-9.44" / 14cm-26cm

Collar and leash:
Item no:RW-03
Circumference:13.4"- 16.9"/ 34cm-43cm
Leather leash length: 48.8"/ 124cm

Item no:RW-06
Length: 20" / 50.8cm
Handle length: 6" / 15cm
Leather tail 11.5" / 29cm