22.8" / 58cm butterfly shape cow Leather Riding Crop

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One of the more unique pieces in our collection, this cute and playful butterfly riding crop is something special. The double layered genuine leather tip is cut and stitched so as to look like a butterfly and has a charming gold stud in the middle that ties the design together. While good for slapping this is a great tool for light play. The shaft is a strong, durable, and firmly flexible PVC unit that is covered with woven nylon material. Finally the handle is handwoven leather with two big knots to keep this firmly in your grasp while using it along with a strap to further prevent slippage and to provide a way to easily hang.

Product Description:
Item no:SK-Z1024
Material: Cow Leather, Metal stud
Color: Black
Total length: 58cm
handle length:17cm