20" metal handle riding crop

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A simple and elegant design, this crop features a long double layered tip that creates satisfying slaps on contact with skin do the tip slapping against your sub and the tip itself. Moving on the the bow, it is constructed of PVC that provides a durable and springy resistance that will give each slap that extra pop. The shaft is covered in nylon material that finishes up the look nicely. Finally the handle is made of beautiful gold metal that looks great and provides excellent grip while in use. All design components come together to leave you with a crop is functional and great to look at.

Product Description:
Item no: SK-Z1026 
Material: Cow Leather, Colored Metal handle
Total Length: 19.9" / 50.5cm
Handle Length: 7.28" /18.5cm
Shaft Length: 7.67" / 19.5cm
Total weight:75g

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