Please use a flexible tape measure to figure out the circumference of your neck. The pitch between holes are basically 3/8" to 5/8" (1 to 1.5cm). 

We have many variety of collars you can try. 


We have fabric collars which used soft velvet touch texture like the Bondage black velvet feel collar and leashComfortable and Silky material offers full control to your partner with no hesitation. it comes with webbing leash. We recommend for bondage beginner. 

If you are looking for something unique for your BDSM collection, How about Black and Red flower leather collar and leash for example. Its one of our best selling collar. Three flowers are sewn on soft but durable Cow leather collar. Without chain leash, You can wear it day and night for sure. 

Nipple clamps: 

If you are looking for additional BDSM play for collar, we have Black cow leather with 3 D-rings, leash and nipple clamps for example

It’s important to ensure that it fits comfortably and safely. Communicate with your partner. Do not over tighten the collar, make sure that your partner can breathe and swallow. 

Nipple clamps can provide a painful but pleasurable experience.

First of all, try them yourself slowly,  Never leave a clip or clamp on for longer than 15 minutes or if the nipple begins to turn color to purple, remove the clips and clamps and allow them to rest.

Enjoy safe and Fun BDSM play!!