Riding crop

There are few things that you might want to consider before you purchase.

Riding Crops:

How close you want to approach when you use on partner:

Longer crops tend to be more flexible as the shaft is longer. If the crop is longer in length, it might be hard to use it when you're pressed up close to your partner. It may also be harder to use in smaller bedroom spaces. 

size and material of tip:

If you want more pain, get something that’s very small and narrow tip like this 20" Black Cow Leather loop style Riding Crop.

If you want to explore light crop, You should go with wider crop. 


Most of our riding crops comes with wrist loops. The can be used to easily hanging for storage also prevent from slipping it off your hand.


Riding crops can be very harmful. Please only hit anywhere fatty part of body or muscle (like the butt or thighs) , make sure communicate with partner, Know when to stop.