Please use a flexible tape measure to figure out the circumference of your wrist and ankle. 

Hand Cuffs:

We have fabric cuffs which used soft velvet touch texture like the Black velvet touch hand cuffs with gold metal chain especially for beginners. Super easy to put them on your wrist or ankle, Comfortable silky material offers full control to your partner with no hesitation. 

If you are looking for something more durable and BDSM play, we have Black Cow leather Hand cuffs with Metal ChainLeather is durable with nice leather aroma. You can add locking key to D-rings on hand cuffs if you like the idea of no escape. Matching Ankle cuffs and thigh cuffs set is available here.

Ankle cuffs:

If you are interested in ankle cuffs with spreader, we have sexy snake skin printed ankle cuffs with spreader bar or Padded Brown leather ankle cuffs with Bamboo spreader bar.

You can enjoy Bend over bondage position by just adding hand cuffs with clips

Thigh Cuffs:

If you already have hand or ankle cuffs, thigh cuffs is one of the product to add to your BDSM collection next. We have durable Cow leather thigh cuffs which comes with 2 sizes. 

They are great for doggy style positions, You can easily spread their legs open by connecting thigh cuffs and hand cuffs and restraint. 

If you are looking for total set of Hand, ankle and thigh cuffs set in Leather, we have that too. 

Bondage set:

It’s important to ensure that it fits comfortably and safely. Communicate with your partner first. Have a wonderful BDSM play.