Bamboo and Brown leather Slapper Paddle (more colors)

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This beautiful combination of genuine cow leather and real bamboo pleases both the eyes and your sense of touch. The bamboo provides a natural yet ergonomic grip for you hands to help you deliver very audible slaps with the soft touch leather. A great sound to pain ratio is delivered thanks to the two layer tip. You can here the slapping of the leather on leather as well as the leather on skin. A leather strap is also fastened to the end of so that it can be easily hung while not in use. Please avoid moist areas.

Item no: WP-Z1019
Material: Cow Leather, Natural Bamboo root
Total Length: 22.8" / 58cm
Weight: 88g
Handle Length: 11.4" / 29cm
Leather Length: 10.6" / 27cm