24" Sheepskin Leather Heart Shape Riding Crop (more colors...)

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This genuine ultra soft sheepskin leather riding crop is of sturdy design and sure to do increase obedience with use. The heart shaped tip and leather wrapped handle are aesthetically pleasing in addition to being a an effective and functional tool. The heart shaped tip is constructed of two layers of leather which create very audible slaps and very cute red welts on your partner if you choose to swing hard. The shaft is a flexible but firm PVC rod covered with nylon that will put a little spring in each slap. Great for beginners and experienced users alike. A leather strap is fastened to the end for easy storage when not in use.

Product Description:
Material: Sheepskin Leather
Color: Black, Dark Brown
Total length: 24"/ 61.5cm
Handle length: 6.3"/ 16cm

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