31.4" / 80cm white Cow leather bull whip

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This Handmade leather bull whip is a serious piece of equipment. Great to hold in your hands with a sexy intimidating appearance, we suggest this one for more experienced users. A single leaf shaped piece of leather at is at the business end of this whip and is capable of producing quite a bit of pain if desired. There are Cylindrical shaped knots on the top and bottom of the handle keep this from slipping out of your hand when the action gets started. You will notice a sweet leather aroma quickly upon handling it. A leather strap is attached to the end to further prevent slippage and also to allow for easy hanging or storage when not in use.
Make sure to start slow, communicate with your partner before and during play. I recommend you to hit only parts of the body protected by fat or muscle.
keep it in the open air to prevent damaging it.

Product Description:
Item no: 0
material:cow leather
whip length: 31.4" / 80cm (loop not included)
loop length:5" / 13cm
handle length:6.3" / 16cm