Review Of The Liebe Seele Victorian Garden Lace And Velvet Collar With Chain Leash

According to the Liebe Seele website, the Victorian Garden line is a grab back to the early eighteenth century, with ‘A perfect balance between the lace and faux fur, the vintage copper metal enhances the sense of times’. To me, with the black lace covering a shiny red metallic fabric, it oozed a sense of steampunk. I’ve visited enough fantasy festivals to recognize that style with their own science fiction version.


Unlike the other products I have reviewed for Liebe Seele, this collar with chainset is not made of leather, but it’s a vegan alternative instead. Now, I do not believe that your accessories have to be leather for them to be ‘true BDSM.’ Anyone knows a simple scarf or tie can be just as efficient. The only danger is that it can soon look cheapish. But from the first inspection, the Liebe Seele quality is evident. The collar feels sturdy from the moment you take it out of the box. Let’s look at the details.

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