Review: Liebe Seele White Braided Cat O Nine Tails Flogger

The third—and final for now—review I have for Liebe Seele is the White Liebe Braided Cat O Nine Tails Flogger. This impact play toy is made from white cow leather, is part of the White Liebe collection—which also contains a padded blindfold, a paddle, a leash and collar, a ball gag, and a whole set that includes padded cuffs—and comes in two sizes. The cat o nine tails I was sent was the larger of the two sizes, with a total length of 30 inches (not including the wrist strap), with each tail measuring just over 22 inches from tip to end. The smaller sized White Liebe Cat O Nine Tails is slightly shorter—with a total length of 22.8 inches—as well as slightly cheaper, at $55 to the larger size’s $65.

What Is a Cat O Nine Tails?

Firstly, what is a cat o nine tails, and how does it differ from more conventional floggers or whips? The cat o nine tails—or just ‘cat’ as it’s often shortened to—is most associated with the British Royal Navy historically, where it was used for severe physical punishment—right before I asked to review the White Liebe Cat, I had actually visited the National Maritime Museum and saw some historical examples on display. It’s not the only implement of its kind that was used for punishment in this way, but it is one the most iconic, so it’s no wonder that in the modern day, people want to use it in their BDSM play.

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