Review: Liebe Seele Angel’s Kiss Mini Riding Crop

Riding crops are one of those impact items I tend to not use nowadays. Don’t get me wrong, I own a whole bunch of them and I do have a love for them aesthetically. But I mostly top for kink with partners other than the one I live with, and while other toys like paddles are easily packed for travelling with, riding crops are one of the types of toys that tend to give me an issue when packing.

While I have managed to make some kind of solution by upcycling a poster tube, sometimes I want to travel with something a bit more subtle. So I’ve always got my eye out for travel sized but still effective riding crops. When Liebe Seele asked me if I wanted to review any toys from their new Angel’s & Demon’s Kiss collection and I saw there were a couple of mini riding crops in there, a match was made.

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