Liebe Seele Wine Red Leather Blindfold Review

Welcome to my Liebe Seele Wine Red Leather Blindfold Review!

Who doesn’t love a blindfold made from genuine leather? For one, it just looks hot. For two, the close proximity of the leather to the nose means you get some seriously-lovely scents of leather. Finally, leather can feel really luxurious against the skin – especially against the sensitive skin of your face.

A leather blindfold is exactly what you get with the Liebe Seele Wine Red Leather Blindfold. Made from a wine red and black cow leather combo, this adjustable blindfold is part of the Wine Red bondage series that Liebe Seele sells. Built with gorgeous, matching rose gold metal bits, this cow leather blindfold is extremely lightweight on the face while matching the rest of the Liebe Seele kink gear you happen to be wearing.

The Liebe Seele Wine Red Leather Blindfold uses a standard buckle on the backside of the blindfold in order to adjust the tightness and fit of the blindfold. The blindfold has 8 adjustment holes for a circumference of 20.67″ to 25.1″ possible.

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