Liebe Seele Wine Red Deluxe Curved Collar With Chain Leash And Lock Review

Another lovingly crafted BDSM equipment set from Liebe Seele

Last year I was fortunate to have been able to review some of the fantastic offerings from Liebe Seele in Japan.

I love their range of bondage equipment, and so you can just imagine how excited I was when they got in touch again to ask if I would review some more kits for them.


"What flicks my switch the most is having the padlock fitted to the back of the collar. Knowing that it is locked in place has a huge psychological impact on me, and it gets me into a very submissive mindset, ready to serve."


I was over the moon and beside myself with excitement as the Wine Red Collar we reviewed was my all-time favourite collar, up until now.

We were sent five items to review, and this is the first of those reviews. I am starting with the new Deluxe Curved Collar from the Wine Red Collection.

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