Gorgeous nipple clamps attached to your eye-catching collar? It’s possible! If you’ve ever wanted to anchor your nipple clamps like kink jewelry, this Liebe Seele Rose Gold Memory Collar with Nipple Clamps review is probably for you.

Part of the Rose Gold line from Liebe Seele, this collar features a rose gold exterior with a soft, suede-like, black interior. These layers are held together by durable, black stitching and rose gold hardware that matches the nipple clamps (which are included, by the way!).

The nipple clamps, specifically designed to work with the collar, are on a long rose-gold chain. Each clamp drapes off the end of this chain, and at the mid-point of the chain, there’s a rose gold clip that clips these clamps onto (or off of!) the collar.

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The Liebe Seele Rose Gold Memory Collar fastens via the help of 2 snap buttons and 4 snap receptors on the backside of the collar. There are three potential size options if you want the security of both snap buttons adhered to the collar and five potential size adjustment options if you’re open to using a single snap.

According to Liebe Seele, this makes the collar adjustable from 14″ to 17″. This is accurate, and it utilizes the one-button fastening on the tightest and loosest settings to get those measurements.

The Liebe Seele Rose Gold Memory Collar with Nipple Clamps comes in a plain, see-through plastic bag with the collar protected by folded layers of tissue paper. This plastic bag is not recyclable. Included with the rose gold collar is a long black drawstring bag branded with a gold “Liebe Seele” brand and matching nipple clamps. Unlike most Liebe Seele collar bags I’ve received, this one is a large square and not a long rectangle. Storing the collar in this bag will require it to bend into a circle.

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