Liebe Seele Pink Leather Collar with Leash Review

A high-quality, pink, leather bondage collar! With rose gold hardware! I don’t know if I can express exactly how excited I was when I came across the Liebe Seele Pinku Leather Collar with Leash set. I was absolutely ecstatic.

There are some other pink bondage gear sets out there, don’t get me wrong. But most are made up of faux leather – or are in a neon pink color that’s vibrant enough to consistently steal your attention. I’ve never quite seen this beautiful, muted pink – and never with rose gold accents and in leather. So, serious kudos to Liebe Seele for knocking it out of the park with this unique coloration!

The Pinku Leather Collar with Leash is made from cow leather dyed pink with matching rose gold hardware. The collar’s width is a moderate 1.65″ with a length that fits neck sizes from 11.61″ to 17.32″. The collar does NOT feature an excess strap catch, so if you’re on the smaller side of things, you may have excess strap flinging about. The collar features three separate D-rings, and it includes a matching leash. The leash includes a clip design (to easily clip onto a D-ring), and the grip loop is huge – at 7.5″ in length while lying flat.

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