Liebe Seele – Leather Thigh Cuffs

Finally it is time to review my second item for Liebe Seele. I have already reviewed the Liebe Seele Leather Paddle which comes in the same beautiful matching red leather as the Leather Thigh Cuffs do. So let’s get strapped up and see what happens

Meet the Liebe Seele Leather Thigh Cuffs

Is it even possible to do these thigh cuffs justice with words? I am not sure it is, but you will have to believe me when I say they are absolutely stunningly beautiful and so well made. The pair I got is in the same rich red wine colour as the paddle with rose gold hardware that just compliments the red leather perfectly. It is padded leather and so whilst you have to do them up fairly tightly otherwise they will just slip down your thigh they are still really comfortable to wear. Size wise I went for the small and I am glad I did. They fit really well, although I am on the last couple of holes but I think the large would have been far to big and there would have been way too much overlap and maybe not so comfortable.

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