Liebe Seele Fuji White Thigh Cuffs Review

How often do you see white BDSM thigh cuffs? Not often? Me either. In a sea of black bondage gear, the Liebe Seele Fuji White collection of kink gear really stands out. Today, let’s focus on the thigh cuffs of the series for my Liebe Seele Fuji White Leather Thigh Cuffs review.

The Fuji White Leather Thigh Cuffs arrive at your door with a delicious, distinct leather smell. Unlike the Liebe Seele Wine Red Cuffs which had a scent that was so overpowering that we had to air them outside for a week, this Fuji White’s variety is the appropriate scent level. You can smell the familiar, erotic smell of leather as it’s near you, but you won’t be trying to air them out anytime soon.

Both cuffs are made from cow leather and silver hardware with 3 D-rings attached approximately 1/3rd distance away from one another. Each D-ring easily folds flat to prevent thigh irritation while wearing them.

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