Liebe Seele Equestrian Leather Collar and Leash

Looking for a collar to become the statement piece in your pony play? Look no further than this Liebe Seele Equestrian Leather Collar and Leash review.

One of the most themetic, “western”-style collars I’ve ever seen, this all-leather collar and leash blows me out of the water. Like, honestly, it’s breathtakingly gorgeous. I haven’t been this impressed by the style and functionality choices in awhile – but this Liebe Seele collar does it in a different, themed design that’s perfect for photoshoots or pony play.

Made from dark and light brown softened cow leather with vintage gold matching hardware, every inch of this Equestrian set was designed as a cohesive visual. A lamb leather lining, on the interior of the collar, adds even more functionality, making it more comfortable for the wearer.

The collar is adjustable via a “standard” (it doesn’t look standard, but it functions that way!) belt buckle on the backside of this BDSM collar. It can adjust between a circumference of 14.3″ to 17.7″.

The leash handle is about 7.5″ in length with a chain that’s about 31″. It’s a leash designed to put a bit of space in between the two of you, if you’d like.

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