Liebe Seele Black Organosilicon Spreader Bar Review

Looking to add new bondage possibilities to the bedroom? This Liebe Seele Black Organosilicon Spreader Bar review may introduce you to the gorgeous kink tool you need to get it done!

Designed to (literally) spread the limbs apart, the Liebe Seele Black Organosilicon Spreader Bar forces two points to stay away from each other. It accomplishes this by securing those two points to either side of this rigid, sturdy bar. Once attached, the two points can not get any closer or further away from each other. It’s a simple, (but effective!) system, really!

This black and gold spreader bar is made from a nickel-free gold-plated metal. Throughout the middle of the spreader bar, that metal is wrapped in a thin layer of soft, organosilicon material. There is one straight seam along the entire length of this wrap that holds the organosilicon in place on the spreader bar.

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