Liebe Seele - Angels Kiss Wrist Cuffs Review

Another superb set of cuffs from Liebe Seele

Liebe Seele is a Japanese company that produces fantastic BDSM items offering collars, restraints, ball gags, whips, and so much more.

I was thrilled when they asked if they could send me some items to review. As a proud owner of some of their items, I was happy to receive more.

"The cuffs fitted quickly around each wrist, and I found it very easy to secure them in place with the buckle. I, of course, needed to ensure she could not remove them. So once I assured myself they were not too tight, I padlocked them with the cute heart-shaped padlocks. That brought a huge grin from her."


sub 'r' also loves their items, so we were both looking forward to receiving whatever they wanted to send.

Both sub 'r' and I were thrilled when we received the lovely Angel's Kiss Wrist Cuff set. The pink leather looked amazing strapped around her wrists. So grab a drink and let me tell you all about them.

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