Liebe Seele Angel's Kiss Bullwhip Review

A Liebe Seele Angel’s Kiss Bullwhip review? Let’s do it.

Salmon-pink and part of the Angel’s Kiss line, the Liebe Seele Angel’s Kiss Bullwhip offers the fun of a whip in a compact, easier-to-use-at-home package. Made from salmon-pink cow leather, this bullwhip is fully braided from tip to thong to handle. Not only does this make for a unique look, but it also aids in its durability for whatever type of play you’d like to throw at it.

As with all bullwhips, the Angel’s Kiss bullwhip is extremely flexible. The handle has a rigid support structure under it (I’d guess wood) while the entire thong is flexible and can wiggle any which way. The entirety of the tip flows along with the portion of the thong that it’s attached to; it has minimal flexibility or movement on its own with a thick, semi-rigid surface. (Seems to be made up of multiple layers of cowhide leather, but you can read more about that below.)

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